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Accessing information

Discovery Education streaming

POWER Library
You can access Power Library from the link on your public library's home page. You will need to enter the barcode numer from your valid PA library card.

Standards Aligned System (SAS) - currently demo site

Processing information

Keystone Commons provided by the PAIUnet
Videoconferencing/Internet 2 via MAGPI

Producing/presenting information

Google docs

Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs from VodPod

Google Apps EDU

Data, data, data

Performance Tracker
Emetric - AYP
PVAAS Data Tools

Teacher web presence

Tech Tools

Interactive whiteboards
Student Response Systems
Wireless Slates
Document cameras - ELMO
Video recorders - Flip
iPod Touch - Learning in Hand

Ann Johnston
Program Specialist, Instructional Technology Services
Lincoln Intermediate Unit # 12
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