Pad integration project - session 1
  • Center based. 1 for teacher, 6 for students
  • Student ownership, not just engagement
  • Focus on creation of product
  • Used during guided reading - use manipulatives during small group time
  • Kinder town
  • Multiple iTunes accounts - grade levels, special classes, subjects
  • ShowMe
  • StoryBuddy
  • Doodle buddy w/Dropbox graphic organizers (take screen shot and upload to second app)
  • Interactive whiteboard apps

A transformed classroom - session 2
Green paper

iPads as an instructional tool - session 3
  • Practical, productive, and purposeful
  • How to take the product created on iPad and improve upon it?
  • Numbered, students assigned
  • Train students day 1 on basics
  • Let students play with apps themselves to learn - have the, share out info to class
  • Italk - fluency - self reflection checklist
  • puppet pals - retell, export to camera roll
  • book creator - summarize, create new stories, add text, pictures, audio
  • Popplet - word sort, online interactive activity, text & drawing, photo
  • Strip design - many skills
  • Accountability - set clear rules, expectations
  • Hand in to Dropbox
  • Use double click to see where they were
  • Pick random student work to share...keeps them on their toes
  • Post products to we page, email to families
  • Educreations, showme, Evernote - use at conferences

Building literacy in the 2nd grade classroom - session 4
  • Explain everything - slideshow app, with audio capabilities

  • 21st century learning committee, k - 12 teachers/admin
  • Again, focus is on creation with small number in classroom.
  • Evernote - take pictures and organize, add audio, text, etc.

Pamela Watkins--Podcasting: The Impact of On-demand Learning"
upload Podcast os uTunes and YouTube
video podcast (no picture of teacher but included a phone and used as a calculator, pretyped text and then handwritten text), audio podcasts
94% of her students said it helped them to learn
HACC posts their podcasts to iTunesU; iTunes have a podcast app; can get courses free--some of her math books free; incorporated podcasts in her book; must have an iPhone or iPad or iPad touch to use this book' if you use the collection you can use on any computer but some limitations on the collection vs the bookl they have 73 public collections which are free and can be used by any kind of device; some of these collections are professional tech development
Podcast allow on-demand learning
How do my students use podcasts--take a walk with the professor' rewind' review' refresh' cure for insomnia, small bites, bridge the gap
All podcasts should be less than 20 minutes--tiny bites is best
time does not equal learning'
15 minute podcast takes about 2 hours--need to plan extensively, record it and it may take more than 1 try; watch your own podcast to profread',then upload it
In the future they will need to be ADA compliant
pin mouse with smartboard software she uses to produce or use Word for the math editor; also uses Camtasia; My Math Lab; Desire to Learn as an assessment tool.
we think she used Splash for the presentation because computer and iPad was involved; Doceri is what she used to show her presentationand get record with it
Session 1
iPad Integration Project--Karen Ditzler and Jill Neuhard
7 iPads and used as centers started with 5 teachers and IU provided the iPads and professional development, 4 days throughout the year they pulled them together; this year they now have 24 grade 2 teachers from 18 districts
Not student engagement but rather student ownershipimportant to have in the classroom at all times rather than have to "check" them out to take advantage of the teachable moments--unplanned use of the iPads
the teachers trained a few parent volunteers to help with the stations
focus was math and language arts--do not tell kids going to the iPad center--say you are going to the writing center or the math center--was used in guided reading groups;
Used Meraki as the deployment manager
Apps for free is an app that has a window of time to get free apps to try.
take picture of graphic organizers and kids go to cameral roll and place in dropbox under 1 account--kids do not use ID or full names--all iPads are linked to that dropbox folder; the AUP covers the use of the dropbox; they use Doodle Buddy to write on the graphics organizers
Use ShowMe as a form of assessment.
Session 2--Evaluation and Assessment: Proving Your Initiative is Working by Cathleen Richardson teams--leadership team and vanguard teams of teachers
some of kids a making their own apps
Had fulltime professional developer person--in class mentoring and in class coaching
6 steps for evaluationstep 1 focusing on reading, math, engagement, attitudes, behavior, attendance and involve in students teacher administrators parents and community (parents can check out iPads with the apps' also have parent classes taught by the kids) Can we improve student achievement by leveraging digital content, increasing professional development, integrating cutting-edge technology and providing ubiquitous access to students?
looked at inputs--> acttivities people involvement reactions KASA change practice change end results
Step 3" Barriers to EvaluateStep 4" Methods of Data--collection techniques, followed 4 teachers their entire school year including a teacher that was not receptive to the iPadStep 5 Anayalze dateStep 6 Developing the Evaluation Plan
Technology Profile Apple has this
Dimensions of classroom Applications--general practices, Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment, Communication & Collaboration, ?, Creating
40 hours of professional development increases student learning by 21%
all teachers required to post on their door in QR form their objectives for the day
Teachers created iTuneU courses
Use a bubblesheet app for assessment
Have an iScholar program for kids and it is these kids that teach the parents
Ceative Book Builder app--does cost; kids used to create their portfoloio; one page of kids pictures and if scan a kid's picture it leads to their portfoloioacheck out an iLessons site"
michael fullerton--white paper on implementation dip
only have the apps they need for the unit so the apps keep changing as the units change

Session 3--iPads as a Instructional Tool Crystal Martin and Debbie Harris
How to store--baskets, dish washing rackCharging--end of day a student charges if 50% or lowerHow do students get their iPads--puts a stack on table that is numbered and every time the kid needs to take the same number--numbers are posted on the wall
how to introduce iPads to kids--how to make things larger and smaller and how to use the search feature to find an app already installed; how to turn on and off; how to take pictures
for new apps has kids experiment and then meet in a circle to share what they found about how the app works.
Practical productive and purposeful appsiTalk--fluency; students read into iTalk, listen to self, evaluate fluency, conference with teacher; kids go to a corner of the room and have a rubric so they can record themselves and then evaluate themselves and then let the teacher know what they need to work on. Knows of no time limit
Puppet Pals--retell, student choose characters and setting, listen to self, evaluate with checklist, conference with teacher or share with guided reading group, can use a character from a picture they took; can export and save to dropbox and then can teacher can look at home; kids listen to their own story and listen to see what they missed in the story; before using the app kids use a graphic organizer to plan the characters, settings, and devise the problem, the beginning and end of the story and then the middle; the teacher just picks a story to show the entire class which they tells what is good and then asks questions which points out gaps in the story so now the kid knows what to revamp

Book Creator--main idea--uses pictures
Popplet--use as a graphic organizer, complete word sorts, can be used online interactive tool
Strip Design--teacher determines the skill, student choose layout that fits the skill, demonstrate skill through pictures, uses for punctuation, writing skills, used to communicates with her families, can email the designs to parents, used as graphic organizers/storyboarding; are in pdf format
Session 4--Thinking about apps by Peter Oyler, Jill Neuhard, and James Garringer
think about differentiationrobust, efficient assessmentincrease student access to teachers
technology implementation continuuum*redefinition--tech allow for the creation of new task, previously inconceivable*modification--technology allow for significant task redesign+augmentation--technology acts as a direct tool substitute with functional improvement+substitution--technology acts as a direct substitute with little or no functional improvement*can now do because I have technology+just doing what you did but now on technology
air sketch --turns your ipad into a whiteboard which all the kids could gain access to the teacher's whiteboard; share the teacher's IP and then kids can gain access to teacher's air sketch--on air sketch in bottom left click on icon to get IP address or go to iPad setting to wirelss network to see IP address which now create QR code and have kids scan as they walk in the room
eclicker presenters--use for formative assessments
Apple TV AirPlay option now everyone can gain access to this OR set password to gain access but not real good; onscreen code option displays a random 4 character code which is the best option
iPads for education from Western Australian has a rubric to evaluate apps
Volume Purchase Program1. Program manager can buy for district2. Program manager can appoint program facilitator who can now purchase apps
You need staff development'; sell to the board and community; create tutorials; create a process for selecting apps