December 12, 2012

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  • iPads/App sharing
    • TIEnet: Collaborate for apps via Pinterest:
    • Email Lauri Brady to collaborate on boards (
    • Augmented reality - Aurasma app for Gingerbread, scavenger hunt, curricular-based, in context of writing, Kindergarten teacher requested to use with iPad
      ; Aurasma lite - free!
    • Big Grips for iPads for younger grades (willing to negotiate as well)
    • Reflector - buy 20 and get for $8 (used to be Reflection); Airserver - more problems than with Reflector (Carol)
    • MotionMath Wings
    • MotionMath - in-app purchase

    • MotionMath Hungry Fish
    • Rocket Speller
    • Book Creator- $1.99
    • Springpad - Create notebooks, add tasks, audio, video, etc. - share, great for group projects
    • I Like Books - 36 books - read to you, read to self, similar to bag books by Grasshopper apps - $1.99
    • dotepub - create an ibook from a web site - add the bookmarklet to all of your browsers, including your iPad
    • Oceanhouse Media - more than just ipad
    • Groupme, Remind 101, Celly - notify teachers in building via texting
  • Digital Learning Day
  • Classroom integration with teachers
    • Hear from other integrators, and then go to teacher that might get excited about it
    • Teachers come to the integrator/coach
    • Meet with grade level teachers (4 - 5 people) during dedicated once/month planning time
    • Team tech day during the day, and then follow up after school (voluntary)
  • Work on sharing ideas/"lesson plans"/resources for 30 minute tech sessions for staff. Maybe we can make a TIEnet group resource - shared google folder, spot on wiki, or something - to collect them in. Michelle and I are doing 30 min tech sessions in elementary buildings this year during teacher prep, before/after school, so if we make a neat twitter session for example, we could post the agenda, notes, resources etc for other busy tech coaches to steal and use in their building.
  • Online Courses for Professional Learning and for Kids
    • Intel courses coming in the spring (aligned to PACC) - General information, PA info to come in the near future
  • FYI: Study Island was bought out by Edmentum (Plato, etc.)
  • Internet 101 March 15, 1 - 4pm (HACC - Gettysburg) Adams County Connected (broadband organization) - need presenters, e.g. Twitter, etc.
  • WhisperCast


Keystone Kids: Digital Book Report Challenge for 5th graders
STEM Webinar archive - PBL: Driving Questions
Sumdog Results
New SIGs
  • 3D in Education (SIG3D)
  • Early Learning and Technology (SIGELT)
  • Educational Technology Coaches (SIGETC)
  • Science and Technology (SIGSci)