August 6, 2010

Planning session for 2010-2011 Collaboration Days

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Oct. 27 (Wednesday) - Secondary
Dec. 7 (Tuesday) - Elementary
Feb. 9 (Wednesday) - Elementary
May 3 (Tuesday) - Secondary


Ann & possibly Jim will not be available on Dec. 7


Diigo in the AM
Newbie session
Sept. meeting - time to meet in groups to make adaptions to sessions

Creativity & Innovation - Katie, Kevin, Aly, Sam
Communication & Collaboration - Vicki/Deena (2), John, Sandy - Skype
Research & Information Literacy -Marge, Lauri, Angie
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision making - Anita, Pat, Carol R for Primary Sources (see if Sue would assist with the first one).
Michelle - Newbie/Diigo - 2 times only; Kristen

Reminder to make connections to NETS and higher-order thinking (Bloom's).


C & I - VoiceThread, Blabberize, Storybooks (i.e. Kerpoof, TikaTok), Glogster
C & Coll - Skype, Wikispaces, GoogleDocs, Kidblog?
Research and Information Fluency - same topics with elementary focus (Lauri)
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision making - keep visual literacy (ABCya! - kickoff), pbl, simulations, problem solving - data collection (create-a-graph, google forms), RWT interactives via Thinkfinity/SAS - problem solving

Afternoon, keep diigo and thinkfinity.

*Carol and Lauri will tag team for registration form & payments


(from those who could not attend)

Kevin Willson - Digital Cameras in the Elementary Classroom session
"limit it to a few tools that they could go back into the classroom and begin using"

Sandy Benedict - Skype/video conference session