April 19, 2013

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  • Educator Effectiveness - Instructional Coaches
  • Chromebooks
  • Discovery Ed Changes
  • Summer PD
  • Google Apps
  • BYOD
  • Online Testing


  • Chromebooks
    • Intermediate building - 80 for online interventions, e.g. Read180, iStation, FasttMath, etc.), some with mgmt, some not; need to know how to turn off the end of the gmail for K-6, ESL
    • Spring Grove - testing two; replacement for CFF machines to continue using Moodle, etc.
    • SWSD/NESD - testing three; Grades 3-5 SWSD
    • Back up Internet providers
    • Need to be sure that focus is on instructional needs for buying new equipment
    • HS product of Alex does not run on Chromebooks, due to Java
    • YSSD - HS cart(s)
    • Dallastown - MS & HS; cart/team (1:4)
    • Tom saw a webinar about Chromebooks: Admin settings - as soon as it opens, it logs the students in; encourage something as the page of resources, e.g. Moodle, Symbaloo, etc.
    • Acer vs. Samsung - sturdier (but heavier - ethernet port/VGA), not sure about batteries
    • SWSD had netbook carts in 5th & moving to 1st grade, 3rd both, 5th Chromebook cart (1:4)
    • Video editing in youtube - Red Lion
    • How do we get teachers to share their carts, especially when it is only being used a few days a week?
    • Hanover charges $10 for students to take them home
    • multiple platforms in a school makes mgmt more difficult vs. 1:1 focus at Hanover
    • topic for ETAC - mgmt of Chromebooks, especially when in a multi-platform format
  • CYSD 9th grade 1:1 update
    • going very well; students can now take them home
    • huge difference from cart based 1:1
    • moved from training sessions to work sessions now
    • common planning period for teachers
  • Discovery Ed Changes
    • H.264 server fully functional
    • Right click on playing videos to see that the video is going to the IU12 server

  • Summer PD
    • Spring Grove - BYOD focus/PLP framework (admin & 10-15 teachers)
    • Adams County Consortium - Katie at least one day offering
    • Dallastown - summer offerings
    • CYSD - six workshops, learning communities - iPad integration (elem/sec), Learning through Social Media, Meeting the Academic Needs of all Learners, Creating Digital-Age Learning Environment for Your Students (elem/sec) available online also, SAS teachscape modules, Action Research learning community
    • York Learning Center - TIEnet training for city teachers, work in their buildings? - Ann talk to IU folks