April 26, 2011

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Teaching with Primary Sources PD by Sue Sheffer!


CFF Archive wiki

Coaches Transitioning Back to the Classroom webinar - April 28, 12:30 PM

Going to ISTE? Report here:


Day of Discovery - June 20, 4 - 7 PM
Discovery at ISTE - June 25, 9 - 3 PM at SLA - registration
PLP New Cohort forming - registration


PRI Selected Short Stories - podcasts JIm suggested

Next Year

Webinars next year?
Collaboration Days - SWSD no for next year

Alternatives to MS Office

Request from Katie - Fairfield: contact at your school who is teaching with Open Office/LibreOffice/etc.


Sandy asking about email in districts. Next year, they are planning to have student accounts.
Fairfield - Google Apps EDU next year w/gmail
EYSD - Google Apps EDU w/o gmail
CYSD - Google Apps EDU w/gmail
SWSD - Google Apps EDU w/gmail (6-12), they have a media waiver/web 2.0 policy for parents to sign (especially for under 13) in addition to AUP
YCST - Microsoft Office Live w/email